Make this Holiday Season the Best Ever without Meltdowns and Bad Behaviors (3 tips!)

The more time parents spend at our office, the more powerful hacks they have to decrease the amount of, or at least the length of meltdowns.


Parents at our office experience less frustration from their kids, less disobedience, and more focus!

We like to keep things simple at our office. So we have 3 main tips for you guys that our families use all the time.

The more simple we keep things, the bigger changes we can see.

If you were to see someone out at a bar, or were with a friend who was really drunk, you wouldn’t put expectations on them, right? At least not very high ones. You wouldn’t try to direct them, tell them to do tasks, or try to change their beliefs in that moment. You would know that would be silly and futile.

The same thing happens with these 3 additives that we see in so many foods.

Pay attention to which of these affect your kiddo so that you can remove whatever ne

eds to be avoided to keep your child chilled out.

The first is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).

This is like injecting straight up rocket fuel into your child.

If your child struggles to sit still and pay attention after eating something, check your label and see if this is in it. Often this is what causes kids to be pretty wild and unable to focus.

The second is Sodium Benzoate.

So many families in our office have kiddos that are lit up by this in their diet. Taking something like this out of their diet may be what helps them settle down. Imagine a life with a calmer kid. Imagine what that could do for every part of your life but especially your love life… hey, it could even make you want more kids. Maybe..

The third is FD&C (Yellow #), FD&C (Green #), FD&C (Red #), FD&C (Blue #).

Often times when a family realizes that a food coloring causes their child’s meltdowns or wind ups, it’s life changing. Can it be tricky to find these on labels? At first, but at our office we have so many resources and so many helping families that make it so much easier to figure this out together. We’re here to help walk you through this and so are so many other families that have gone through the same thing with their kid.

We hope you have the best holiday season! We hope paying attention to these ingredients can help with that!

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