A pediatric office, blog and ebook resource to provide your child freedom to learn, grow and heal as God created them to. 


This is our mission at Radiant Life.

We designed a 4 Step Method to overcome any challenge life may throw at your family.

Our mission is to help your family move from surviving to thriving by helping you develop and implement your parenting ideas and plans, freeing your time and energy to devote to the whole family living fully. Isn’t that what life is about?

The mission of every week’s blog post is about an aspect of improving your child’s brain development and the most effective ways to improve their capability to communicate with you and flourish.  That’s a Radiant Life and your child can achieve it!

We’re here every Monday thru Friday – devoted to you and your care.

Blog Posts

Our blog posts are full of stories that will help you understand that you are not alone. You are always met with challenges, most importantly, there is always hope too.  This guide will point you in the right direction of overcoming common parenting challenges successfully.  As kids suffer parents suffer as well!

This Week’s Blog Post

Radiant Life Team Stories

Stories share our lives with eachother allowing us to love, encourage, and live compassionately. We encourage you to read about our personal stories too.  Then, it’s like you already have met us!  For instance, did you know Dr Andy failed many grades growing up? Just like him, each of our staff members is a key player in the mission at Radiant Life so you can read more about our stories here!

Dr Andy’s ADHD Story

Lisa’s Behavior Story

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Being a kid is hard.  Being a parent is probably harder.  Recognizing this difficulty, our hope is that you find us helpful. Which will make parenting look like you always knew what you were doing with Radiant Life.

We are here for you.  Your child may have major behavior struggles or your child struggles to overcome a sickness!