Natural Ways To Break Up Congestion And What’s Causing It In The First Place

Sick child to chiropractor? READ THIS FIRST

Congestion.  Cough.  Runny nose.

You finally got their yucky, runny nose cleared up day before yesterday. You prefer to go the natural route but…perhaps you took them to the doc this time.

They just couldn’t stop coughing and that nose wouldn’t quit. They weren’t sleeping well. They’d ended up with a fever and you worried they would just get worse and worse.

And today, lo and behold, your little one is stuffy again.

Well, rarely is the shape of the ear or sinuses to blame for infection in the ear, nose or throat, though it definitely contributes.

The piece of the health puzzle that parents have the most influence in when it comes to preventing the buildup of thick, hard-to-break-up mucus (sludge) in the drainage system of your little one is some of the foods they’re eating.

And the good news is – you have control of that (for the most part, anyway).


What foods cause the biggest problem?

And what foods help?

We’ve put together two short lists for you.

Keep in mind, the more you can feed your little one from the solution list, the more likely they are to have less of the sludge.

That sludge traps bacteria and viruses which lead to infection in the ear tubes, sinuses and upper respiratory tract.

The piping system of the ears, nose and throat are meant to drain. 

What’s more, if your child has a spine problem in their neck then the communication from their brain through the nerves that control the draining are constricted and therefore aren’t able to work properly.

Adjusting for the proper function of those drain pipes in your child is what we do best here at Radiant Life.

Now, for those lists,…

PRO TIP: Eating fruits and vegetables is the simplest way to reduce mucus. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals your little one’s body needs to grow properly.

What Foods Create Excess Sludge?

The Cause List:

-Dairy (yogurt, milk, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, ice cream)

-Sugary foods (cookies, candy, cake, pie, pastries)

-Wheat (breads, pretzels, buns, bagels, muffins, breading)

-Boxed foods

-Eggs; You may notice that when your child eats eggs their system may react with sludge.

-Corn products

-Fried foods

What Foods Reduce Sludge?

The Solution List.  The best way to reduce the thickening causing your child’s runny nose, cough, sinus infection, etc is to increase their consumption of:

-Citrus fruits (lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges)


-Pineapple (some kids not so much)

-Celery sticks

-Cauliflower and broccoli

-Asparagus and brussel sprouts

-Garlic, onions, and peppers

-Green herbs, ginger, and turmeric

-Leafy greens


The foods we eat have a powerful ability to either make sludge or reduce it. Our bodies are chemical labs and what we eat creates chemical reactions that ultimately and literally make us what we are.

As parents, we have a great ability to influence the health of our children – simply by the choices of foods we provide.

If you’re concerned, or just want us to check your child’s spine, particularly their neck, for possible problems affecting the communication, drainage and development of their brain and sinuses…come in today.

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