I was told my child would outgrow this

outgrow sick

Do kids outgrow ear infections? Being sick all the time? Grow out of those behavior issues related to being sick all the time?

No, they don’t. And that is a beautiful thing because that means that kids don’t have to live with these struggles and can get relief now. 

Here’s why.

If a child’s ear-nose drainage system isn’t working as a baby or small child, they don’t magically outgrow that. It doesn’t magically start working.  What happens is that as the body starts to shift and adapt and age, maybe there’s not as many ear infections. However, that drainage system is still blocked. 

So it turns into…

So it turns into sinus infections, chronic coughs and colds because that drainage system just isn’t working. As a result, it keeps fluid in the body where it doesn’t belong. The fluid doesn’t get processed through and it can turn into allergies. 

In more severe issues, it can turn into more severe issues of immune system dysfunction.

For a child who was sick all the time

However, for the purpose of this article, we’re talking about a kid that got a lot of ear infections as a baby. A child who was sick all the time, had strep all the time, had swollen tonsils and adenoids. Possibly got them removed, because that was the ‘answer’. The removal wasn’t the answer – though it did help the symptoms and what the child was suffering with.

Please understand, if the immune system, or the drainage system is not working, until it starts working, we’re not growing out of something, we’re just changing how the body’s expressing a clogged tube. 

If the head’s not draining into the body, it just backs up all the time and the expression of that will look different as time goes on. 

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