Parenting A Sensory Child

Parenting a Sensory Child

Every parent wants to be able to parent with confidence, especially if you’re a parent of a kid who struggles with sensory processing.

Does your sensory child get WAY too excited and out of control when he sees something he wants…or doesn’t want?

Ever wish you could stop your child freaking out so much when she gets excited or having a meltdown at the simplest things?

Keep reading & discover an easy truth that will give you peace in your parenting.  Especially if your child has sensory processing struggles or constant ear infections.

We hear things like, “Man, I’m embarrassed at how my kids are acting.”

“People think I’m not a good parent.”

Or ask questions like, “Am I a good parent?  I don’t even know what to do to help my child!  They’re struggling and I don’t even know what to do!”

All of these fears, doubts and worries are normal.  They’re real. They happen. And please keep in mind…they don’t help your child.

Step 1 Understand that the sensory processing your kids are struggling with is not your fault.

It’s not your fault if your child has sensory processing struggles.  And it’s not your child’s fault. It’s just what happened and we’re gonna talk a little more about that in a minute.

Step 2.  Understand the truth that God made our bodies to work properly.  

God made our brain to be able to control and regulate our body.  God doesn’t make mistakes.

When we get a cut, it heals.

We eat food, we can digest it.

When we get sick, we get better.

When we get stressed out, we can calm down.


If when we get a cut, it doesn’t heal.

When we eat food, we can’t digest it.

If when we get sick, we don’t get better.

Or if when we get stressed out, we can’t calm down.

Then we know that the child’s body isn’t working properly.

Illness struggles, behavior struggles, with this truth it all makes sense now.

So how do we know exactly why the body isn’t working and what needs to be done to fix it?

Most often there is a communication issue between the brain and the systems of the body.  If the brain isn’t able to regulate the systems of the body… we have symptoms.

Symptoms like angry meltdowns, chronic infections, always battling an illness of some kind, trouble making transitions between activities, picky eating, etc

An emg scan allows us to easily measure exactly how well a child’s brain is able to communicate with the rest of their body.  

This scan answers LOT of questions for you as parents and will show us exactly what needs to happen to restore the range of motion in your child’s body and free their nervous system.

When the brain isn’t able to communicate with the body, it cannot do its job and regulate the body.

Following these two simple steps can get you some peace in your parenting. Get more time enjoying your child instead of feeling you need to police them for a behavior they can’t seem to control.

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