Kids struggles, how it affects you as parents and the path to reconnection

path to reconnection

When kids struggle, it also affects you – the parent. Many times parents come in our office confused, frustrated, even scared because the path to reconnection for their child has not been explained very well.

Why does it seem like my child is backtracking?

Parents tell us, “We are doing everything right.  We’ve changed their diet, their screen time, their outside time, their bedtime routine.  We’re getting them in for chiropractic adjustments. We thought chiropractic was the answer we were looking for.

What are we missing?  Why is my child struggling again?”

With multiple stressors on a child, the answer is more complicated.  When that’s the case, it’s easy for a sensory child to get overwhelmed in the process of their brain calming down.

Looking for one cure, one answer, is a struggle that a lot of people have.  We all want a magic bullet.  

God made the body to work properly.

We have to figure out why the body isn’t working properly.  And then empower it.

It’s a path.  It’s a journey. 

The struggles are different for every parent but the path is the same.  

All different types of parents whether it’s a parent fighting cancer and having struggles with her child, 

Or there’s really good progress with the child’s adjustments and their behavior and then something happens and the parents 

Each of our life stressors create its own intensity.  

We know that all parents want the best for their child.  

A hard time engaging in school.  The parents ask, “Will they be successful in life?”

A hard time fitting in at school.  The child can’t seem to focus in school or to comprehend what’s going on.  

Or social settings.  We hear all the time, “my kid is so full of anxiety, will they be able to have friends?”  “Will they be able to have a job?” “Will they be able to ever leave their house?”

All these things go through parents heads.  

The Path To Reconnection

  1. Identify how disconnected and stressed out these kids are 
  2. Show you the path of reconnection for them so you can make the best decisions for your child.

We start where the brain is disconnected. 

Our goal is the straight line to the radiant life.  That perfect functionality. The body working the way God created it and the brain and body systems reconnected.  

True beautiful radiant life=Kids engaging. Kids understanding, focusing, being able to sit still and listen to instruction.

What happens is on the path to empowering the body to work properly like God created it to, it actually looks like the squiggly line.  

Engagement where the body is working better and better and better.  And then little regressions where it dips down below the line. If this is not explained well, parents often panic or think “it’s not working”.  Or that “everything’s going back to the way it was.”  

The brain is just beginning to reorganize. 

When the brain is reorganizing, it takes some time to make that shift.  

So there’s a flow between reconnection, then reorganizing back and forth.  The whole idea is to keep this trend going upward and empowering the body over and over and over.  

If you are on the pursuit of that connection, a pursuit of how to empower the body to connect everything, you will see your kid’s quality of life raise and raise and raise.  

The real key is to not get beat up by that dip down of the reorganization process.  Power thru it.

If you’re feeding your kid well and cleaning up their diet. And reducing the stressors in their life.  Every bit of that is not a missed answer if it didn’t fix everything. You’re still doing something that really empowers their brain and empowers their body to work better.  We just add a layer at a time, building on each one little by littl by little.

With chiropractic, we look to see how disconnected that sensory system is (with a neurological scan).  Then, with adjustments, we plug it back in so their brain has control of the rest of the body and can work properly.  

Cause you can change every stressor in their life, but if their brain is not connected to their body, and not regulating it properly, then that is the most stressful thing for the brain for your child.  

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