Dr Andy and his dad

The ADHD Story No One Is Talking About

Dr. Andy was a kid with serious sensory challenges.

“Fifth grade was my first major breakdown when school and home life became my battle ground. I couldn’t sit still, focus enough to have meaningful relationships, or control the volume of my talking. Sadly, this was my “normal” that I was living.”

Not To Be Dramatic But…

Dr. Andy’s sensory struggles got so bad that his 7th grade social studies teacher told his best friend’s parents that he was a “bad kid” and Ken should never hang out with Dr. Andy. All during 7th and 8th grade, Dr. Andy could not figure out why everyone else got to hang out at Ken’s house and he could not.

Toward the end of 8th grade, feelings of overwhelm, worthlessness, and frustration took over as Dr. Andy felt he could do nothing right. He was struggling so much that he told his mom he wanted to kill himself. (WHAT?  WHY WOULD A KID FEEL LIKE THIS?!)

The feeling of overwhelm drove Dr. Andy to dark places and his parents felt it too. They had to watch their son suffer with no answers and no idea why school and friendships were so hard for him.

His parents did everything they could BUT there was a huge missing piece to the puzzle.

High school was spent going to specialists, trying medications, and listening to recommendations to get a handle on Dr. Andy’s struggle. Specialists made guesses and ran tests but never came up with answers except that Dr. Andy may have ADHD.

This label didn’t tell Dr. Andy or his parents anything they already didn’t know. He couldn’t stay seated, struggled to focus, felt STUPID, and was bored two seconds after the teacher started to talk.

Dr. Andy hated feeling zoned out from medication.

Constant phone calls from school through the years reminded Dr. Andy and his family of their constant struggle. Both of Dr. Andy’s parents are award winning teachers and still, they had no strategy for the “bad student” that they had. All they wanted was for their child to be emotionally well and successful in school.

Dr. Andy failed college once and got denied from a pharmacy program three times before he learned to push through the struggle of focus and needing to move, and made it all the way to doctor school.

Despite the struggles, God had a plan for Dr. Andy in healthcare. Deep down he had a drive to help people.

Who is Radiant Life?

Radiant Life was created to help kids and parents experience peace and joy as God designed them because kids shouldn’t have to suffer. We LOVE to give HOPE to partner with parents who feel there is no hope. We take the time to sit and listen, answer questions, make a care plan, and walk the journey of healing with families. Whether ADHD, meltdowns, anxiety, or depression we know we can guide families to calm the nervous system and find renewed joy and peace through healing.

What Is The 3 Step Method Of Overcoming Sensory Struggles?

Out of his struggles and story, Dr. Andy developed a THREE STEP METHOD to understand and overcome sensory struggles.

The order of how we help kids is key! It’s truly what makes all the difference and allows us to have amazing results every time. Our passion is to work with neurological cases like ADHD, behavior struggles, autism, sensory processing, chronic ear/sinus infections, seizures, and any other neurodevelopmental struggles.

We need to understand exactly what is going on inside a child’s brain. At this point every decision in the future is based on calming and reorganizing how a child’s brain is working vs. overwhelming them.

First, we measure the sensory system. Without the ability to experience their body’s movement and internal sensations, a child’s brain cannot calm or coordinate properly. Calming a dysregulated Sensory System (the master controller of every single function in the body) usually is the missing component for a kid to hit the next level of development in their life and absolutely take off in the therapies that they are in!

Second, we identify major lifestyle triggers that need to be removed or managed. We call them Rocket Fuels at Radiant Life. These stresses drop rocket fuel bombs on kids. Expecting them to behave, stay focused, and not get sick is kind of silly. Once we identify triggers, parents get to decide when to pull it and live with the repercussions of it.

Third, we look at which areas a child is struggling most. At this point we can clearly see what therapies will launch a child to their next goal. Whether it is a therapist in Occupational, Physical, Speech, Psychology, Behavioral, etc., we will help find the next step.

Delivering Hope Through Dr Andy’s ADHD Story

For Omaha families that have a child struggling with ADHD symptoms, meltdowns, anxiety, or depression that hasn’t improved with traditional medicine or alternative medicine it’s time to see what Radiant Life can do to help. We know we can guide families to calm the sensory system and find renewed joy and peace through healing.

We’re offering answers for what is happening in your child’s brain, a consultation, exam, and adjustment for only $50. For the past year we have been donating the $50 to local churches and charities to support the Omaha community. We’ve helped many kids over the years using safe and non-medicine methods. It’s time to see how we can help kids together!

Our phone number is 402-915-0846.

Make an appointment today.

We’re located at 11320 S Davenport St, Omaha, NE.

Due to our busy schedule we accept a limited number of new patients every month. We are a fun non-judgmental environment, full of answers and action steps.

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