Preventing Autism, ADHD, and Future Struggles



As a parent the first thing you want to do when your child is born is give them the best of everything. You want to nurse them, hug them, and help them be as healthy as possible. And good for you! That is what a parent should feel. So when your child is supposed to breastfeed and is not able to we start to get discouraged. You may even begin to feel like a failure and blame yourself. This is a common feeling BUT is not what is actually going on. If your baby is having trouble breastfeeding it is time to look deeper. Your baby may be trying to tell you something before it gets out of control. Trust them!

There are many resources (ex:La Leche League, Baby Junk, etc…) and amazing women around town that will give you everything they have to help you navigate this obstacle. In this article I want to make clear that there are ways to give your child everything you hoped.


As a chiropractor who lives in the sensory world (autism, ADHD, seizures, SPD) my number one goal is to help prevent future struggles for you and your family. Everyday we see families who are frustrated from not finding answers. Their child is unable to control their behavior, too wound up, not developing normally, or unable to breastfeed constantly crying. Your child may be similar and you’re wondering where the answer is going to come from. These issues are rarely normal so we always look at a couple areas.

First, we take a look at your child’s brain and nervous system through the spine. The spine is responsible for 90% of all of the input into your brain. That means if something is wrong with the spine then the brain is definitely going to hear about it.


If your child has any trouble moving their head from one side to the other do you think there is a problem with their neck? Difficulty nursing or difficult tummy time..

How does your child feel overall? Loose and limp or stiff and not relaxed? An unrelaxed child has something wrong with their spine 9 out of 10 times.

From this point your child’s brain begins wiring that stressful response and the longer it is there the more it becomes hardwired. How well does development, growth, digestion, healing happen when your child is stressed out? Not too well. Left too long we may see a child develop what we call autism, ADHD, SPD, seizures, behavior problems, etc… As a loving parent I know that is the last thing you want your child to struggle with.

After determining how their spine is working we may look deeper into how the digestive tract is working and how well your child is able to remove toxins from their body. All these areas are extremely important in a child’s health but number one is your child’s brain and nervous system. Your child is a person and we want nothing more than to help them live the most amazing radiant life possible. If you or anyone you know is experiencing anything we have talked about please reach out to our office and change a life. As a parent I know I would appreciate it!

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