Reflux | Constipation | Digestion Trouble

Reflux. Constipation. Trouble feeding. Crying. Not Sleeping. Sound familiar?

Is your little suffering from digestive trouble? We see it all the time.

The digestive system is one long tube. From where the food goes in to where it comes out. If there is any kind of clogging in the system, the results are miserable. Especially for a little digestive system.

You see, what happens is sometimes the ‘clogging’ is in the communication from the brain to the digestive organs. The messages must be taken from the control center of the brain, thru the nerves in the neck and spine, to the organs.

If there’s a dysfunction in that route, then the system is ‘clogged’ in ways that any kind of drano or juice are not able to help.

If your child’s digestive system is not working properly from a clogging in the function of the system, they’re not healthy.

How can you tell if there may be a problem with your little one’s digestive system?
Reflux, constipation, trouble feeding, constant crying, not sleeping…

How can you know what the best options are to help your child to healing?

The answers? Measure it with an EMG scan.

At Radiant Life, we specialize in measuring how well your child’s digestive system is working, reading the results and explaining them to you so you have answers and a plan of action.

Our goal is to help your child’s body work the way God designed it to work.
We can clearly measure if the brain – which is control of everything thru nerves that go thru the spine out to the digestive system – is working properly? Or if it isn’t.

We’ve seen it happen time and time again. Digestive trouble in a little one can tear a family apart. Seems kinda dramatic to say that but here’s what happens…

When your baby’s not pooping…and then they stop eating…then they’re having reflux where everything comes back up…then they’re crying all the time…and then they’re not sleeping…

And then you, as parents, start to kinda hate each other, or resent each other, or get frustrated, or start to blame yourself like you’re a bad parent.

And you’re not. If you care about your child, you’re not a bad parent.

We see this all the time.

If the brain is unable to clearly talk thru those nerves to those digestive organs, then the digestive system is not healthy and is not working properly.

It can’t. It can not be healthy and it can not work properly simply because it isn’t able to get the correct information to and from the control center of the brain.

You need to know if your child’s brain is in control or not and what the best options are for you and your little one.
Please reach out to us. We can help.

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