A Plan For Kids With A Revved Up Brain

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A Plan For A Kids Health

A revved up brain.  Sound familiar?  Imagine having a child with a revved up brain…and no plan.

They just always seem like they’re amped up. They have focus struggles, congestion issues…cuz their system’s so revved up.  They’re hyper.  They have behavior issues. 

When you have a child that is revved up the most important thing…

When you  have a child that is revved up, the most important thing is to have a plan. At Radiant Life Chiropractic – we help parents like you get a plan.  Because there is hope. And having a revved up brain as a kid is not normal.  It’s just really common.

When a child comes in our office and we scan their nervous system, if their brain is revved up, we know it right away.  The neuroscan that we do will show one of four colors.  Red is intense and shows that your child’s brain and nervous system is revved up.

The process takes time, just like everything worth waiting and working for. We most often see a major improvement after a couple of months (though there have been immediate results as well!)

If they’re acting out – it’s because they literally can’t help it.  There’s hope.  There’s help.

Working with you is a beautiful thing.

You may notice, as your child gets more and more chiropractic adjustments, they seem to magically be able to handle transitions better. What a beautiful thing to witness.

Wanna chat about your child and their struggles with sensory overload? Click here and tell us what’s going on.  Helping kids like yours is exactly what we do best.  And you’ll find, it helps not just your child but your whole family.

We’re here for you!

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