School Just Started And Your Child Is Sick Already?

Have you noticed? Back to school has brought lots of sniffles, sneezes, coughing, headaches and runny noses.
Let those symptoms trigger your mom-alert to ask: Is this “normal”? Does it have to be? Is their immune system working properly?

These symptoms are certainly common. But it doesn’t have to be the normal.

We’re here to tell you that your fall and winter doesn’t have to be full of drugs and missed school.

What we think of as normal – doesn’t have to be normal.
It doesn’t have to be another year of your kid being sick all the time. We just started school and they’re ALREADY sick? Why?

Where does 80% of the input come from for the brain to regulate the body?

The spine. The health of the spine is critical to the function of the entire body because it is through the spine that the brain receives and gives the information to regulate everything.

When the spine is out of whack, the brain can’t get the information it needs to regulate everything adequately.

And so your child experiences, coughing, sniffles, sneezing, headaches, out of control behavior, focus challenges, sleep troubles, irritability, hard time concentrating…

The nervous system (which is housed and protected by the spine) is responsible for transporting information to and from the brain and delivering information to and from all the systems of the body.

Therefore, the healthy function of the spine determines how well their brain is regulating their immune system, their stress response system, their sensory system, and all the other systems. Because when the function of the spine is out of control, it’s not possible for a child to stay healthy, much less focus and sit still in their chair.

The goal of chiropractic, and why so many kids have such good results with chiropractic, is because the point is to restore the brain body connection so that the brain can give and receive the information to run the body.

How does a chiropractor know when the body is back in control?

X Rays, posture, etc looking at the structure of their body. The structure of the body is important and affects the way the brain is able to control everything.

When you first come to see us here at Radiant Life, after a sit-down get to know you talk, we take a painless, neurological scan of your child’s spine. The scan takes about 5-10 minutes. The whole visit start to finish takes about an hour.

More often than not, when we read the scan, what we’ve found is that a child that has come to our office for things like constant illness, ear infections, ADHD, out of control behavior, autism, sensory processing disorder, their scans show that their brains are being bombarded with 3 times the normal sensory input simply because their spine isn’t functioning correctly.

Think of trying to hear the song of a bird while you’re standing in the middle of Grand Central station. It’s too much crazy and not enough calm. That’s similar to what your child’s brain is receiving and trying to function through when it’s getting 3 times what is optimal to function well.

The beautiful thing about a scan is that it allows us to measure progress.

The best part? It’s very possible you’ll notice that their symptoms, behavior and comfort begin improving right away.

Ready for a calmer, rested, healthy school year? Give us a call. We can help.

We love to read the reviews you fill out after visiting us. When one mom was asked, “What improvements have you noticed?” she said, “He’s calmer. He went from hardly speaking to sentences in one month. He’s sick less. He’s sleeping better. Our family life is calmer.”

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