School overwhelm is real! We’re here to deliver some hope on the situation at hand!

Let’s be real about it.. remote learning means screens on screens and there’s really no way to avoid it at this time.

The frustrations of all the siblings needing something different.. it’s comical.

Or trying to get work done at home while trying to homeschool? Give me a break..

Or actually getting kids to learn? Even though you never signed up to be a teacher? We want them to learn! But when they’re revved up by screens and lack of movement, it’s hard for them!

These are the struggles we hear in our office from parents all day every day! Discipline always ends up being a subject that comes up during these conversations.

Is that working in your home?

We want to encourage you to help your kiddo MOVE to get some of that stagnant energy out!

Our amazing office manager, Lisa, suggested this incredible idea. Her son has come to the office for a long time now and has received chiropractic care. He’s come such a long way and continues to see progress, but with what’s going on for school for him, he’s crazy overstimulated.

He’s trying to learn how to learn best at home.

He has to be on a screen now, and we know that screen time is a rocket fuel that we always talk about. So Lisa sent pictures of him in different places around the house, different sitting positions, inside and outside, changing his outfit.. just to keep him stimulated, moving, and actually better focused.

Letting your kid move around while they’re trying to focus on their studies, letting them listen to their bodies as they adapt to this year’s schooling, can be so helpful for them.. and YOU!

Have you asked yourself while walking into this school year,

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