The rocket fuel of screen time reward

screen time reward rocket fuel

Using screen time reward as a motivation for ‘good behavior’ can create a backlash. What seemed to be a simple paper airplane can, in reality, be rocket fuel for our children’s sensory system.

“Screen time should not be a reward unless we want our kids to want it more and we really value it.”~Dr Screen-Free Mom, a psychologist, writer, university professor and mom.

Sometimes it’s such a struggle to know how to keep our kids occupied. It’s so simple to hand them a screen.  We know those handy screens will keep them mesmerized – (and still!)

Today’s busy world and screen time reward

In today’s busy world, using a screen as a babysitter – some of the time, may be needed.  Maybe for your own survival or a brief period of time while you concentrate on a specific task and simply need to know that your kiddo will stay in one spot. 

Try to make those times few and far between. 

Afterall, you’ve experienced the no-fun-at-all after effects.  The immediate angry meltdowns, tantrums and out of control behavior.  

Empowering and Peace-Giving

It’s helpful, as a parent to understand why these tough times post-screen-use are happening.  Empowering and peace-giving to know what helps you help your child.

Empowering to know what helps your child not have to struggle so hard to have emotional control. 

Peace-giving in the family to know what works, what helps, what exactly you can do as a parent to promote and provide peace.  Right? 

It’s all about the Sensory System and making sure it’s working properly.

If the brain is able to send and receive information freely to the body and its systems – then we can know with certainty that the systems have the ability to function correctly.

After that, behavior becomes about learning skills.  If the brain is NOT able to send and receive information freely to the body systems, then it’s not the child’s (or anyone’s) fault.  That simply means that the child can’t help their behavior and something needs to be done to correct the flow-ability of the information.

All information to and from the brain goes through the nervous system.

All information to and from the brain goes through the nervous system. Ultimately thru the tiny passageway of the neck.  The brain is focused on protecting shielding any dysfunction in the spine or skeletal system. When there is something out of place – even a little bit – the brain sends the message to the body (usually the muscular system) to lock up and protect.

This leads to a sensory system that is constantly on guard becoming sensory seeking and/or sensory avoiding.

Which – to a child – manifests in lack of emotional regulation, being very particular in eating patterns, inability to focus, inability to control themselves, ‘ADHD’, etc.

Here’s to you!

Here’s to you!  You’re an amazing parent to be at the point of wanting to understand your child and what helps them in setting up for their future. 

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