What Are Symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder?

got ADHD and Angry Meltdowns

What is sensory processing?  How do you know if your child is struggling with it?  

Does your child seem to have no patience?  Does your child have trouble staying focused on a task and the other kids his age focus just fine, for instance?

Short attention span?  On the other hand, other children the same age seem to concentrate just fine?  Kicked out of daycares?  Maybe multiple times?  Have you been told your child has ADHD, ADD, ODD, SPD or is on the Autism Spectrum?

Does your baby cry non-stop?  Have colic?  Is your little one struggling with persistent ear infections?  Repeated antibiotics?

Would you like your child to be able to handle daily stresses better?

All of these questions have answers.  And those answers are closer than you may think.

These are the questions most of the parents that walk thru the door here at Radiant Life.  We see worry, frustration, a feeling of hopelessness and utter exhaustion in the eyes of the parents.  Their children are having angry meltdowns at the appearance of anything new in their lives.  From a new place to live, to a new teacher at school, a new shirt, new shoes, new toy, a new toothbrush, a new way to walk home or a new item on their dinner plate.  

You name it, if it’s new or any type or transition, it’s absolute meltdown.

The good news is – all of these situations are neurological.  That means, they’re greatly affected by the nervous system…which means as pediatric chiropractors, we are specially trained to work with the nervous system.

What makes up the nervous system?

The brain.

The spine.

The nerves.

Above all, the brain controls every organ and system in the body.  

Every single organ and system in the body is controlled by the brain.  The organs, systems and nerves are affected by any problem in the spine and tell (or not be able to tell) the brain what is going on or what is needed to function properly.

We’re having a LIVE event in Omaha at Board and Brush on Feb 28, 2019.  YOU’RE INVITED!!!

Eventbrite - ADHD and Angry Meltdowns: Addressing the Root Cause

Dr Andy and Dr Eric will be addressing the root cause of Sensory Processing symptoms and what can be done about them so you can have peace in your home and peace for your child.

So, we are partnering with Board and Brush Omaha.  You get to listen, ask questions and make a beautiful board to hang in your home.

(Their registration page has a LOT of beautiful designs you get to choose from.  The link to that page will be sent right to your inbox once you’ve claimed your ticket for your seat.)

It’s FREE.  The catch is you must register.  SEATS ARE LIMITED. And we ‘sell out’ every time.  (ie run out of tickets for seats).

If you need answers for any of these situations with your child.  Then you want to be at this event.

Want your child to have an increased ability to handle daily stress? Then this night is for you.

Do you long for peace, order and joy in your home but feel like it’s hopelessly chaotic and out of reach and don’t know why? Then you need to be at this private event.

We want to ease your mind, answer your questions and provide you with a beautiful message for your home with this craft night at Board and Brush.

Seats are limited. Register now.


Eventbrite - ADHD and Angry Meltdowns: Addressing the Root Cause

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