Sensory Struggles, Behavior and Stress

When your child is struggling with sensory issues, out of control behavior and stress, finding a firm foundation to build from is the most important thing a parent can do.

For example, a 10 year old functioning at a 5 year old level, it’s very common for that child to be hyperactive, moody, and aggressive.

You’ll remember from last week, the ultimate steps for success for your child depends on you.

Step 1 is creating a team of trusted, reliable resources to turn to and to surround yourself with to help guide you through this process.
You are the hero. You are the one that gets to be informed – or not. And you’re the one that ultimately gets to make the decisions for your child.

So maximizing your child’s potential is based a lot on the team that you surround yourself with and your understanding of things.

Step 2 is learning how to prioritize spending time and money.
Step 3 is asking questions until you understand exactly what is going on inside your child’s brain.
When you understand exactly what’s going on, you can make better decisions.

The brain and brain development is the foundation to everything that happens within the body.

The brain only responds to what comes into it – the information it’s able to receive. That’s why it’s so important to start at the sensory system (ie, the function of the spine). The better the health of the function of the spine, the better the communication to and from the brain becomes.

Imagine trying to make a decision with really bad information. That’s what it’s like for the brain to have a messed up sensory system.

So let’s clear that up for your child to give them the best possible information flowing to the brain and being transmitted from the brain to the body.

With better information coming into the brain, better decisions are possible, resulting in less stress, better behavior and more ability to focus. All from the firm foundation of the brain and brain development.

In one word it’s called: Proprioception. 80% of the sensory information that your brain receives is delivered by the spine. If the spine isn’t working, the brain struggles a lot. A LOT.

Knowing that, it makes sense when a child gets upset, has trouble focusing or staying still when that 80% of foundational neurology is not working properly.

So how can you know if your child’s spine is working properly?
Many kinds of therapists and professionals are able to measure whether the spine and brain are functioning properly.

At Radiant Life we measure the functioning of the spine and brain very specifically and show you visually the measurements of how well the spine is actually moving.

With that measurement, we can set goals and be able to track the progress of the adjustments and your child’s behavior.

The biggest key here is that we correct it all the way.

We measure it.
We figure out what’s going on.
And then we correct it all the way.
It’s our job to be your guide and to walk you thru this process for your child.

Next week we’ll be discussing some case studies and we’ll show you exactly what it looks like to measure this process.

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