Thinking of taking your sick child to a chiropractor? READ THIS FIRST

Sick child to chiropractor? READ THIS FIRST

ADHD, Autism, Colic, Ear Infections, Headaches, Asthma/Allergies, Anxiety/Seizures…all of these are Neuro-developmental disorders.

These conditions are caused by a mix of factors (not in your control) brought on by a “perfect storm” of events and circumstances that result in your child’s brain-body development and communication to be affected. (called neuro-development)

Is chiropractic the answer?  Very possibly.


Chiropractic deals directly with the brain’s communication with the body and its’ systems.

Our nerves are the brain’s communication lines to our body systems.  All of our nerves travel thru our neck.  As a result, if there’s trouble with the function of your child’s spine or neck, then these lines of communication are obstructed and the body systems (all the systems, including the sensory, immune and digestive systems) are not receiving or able to give correct information to the control center of the brain.

As a parent, the better the information you have, the better able you are to make an informed choice for the health of your child.

Our goal is to assist you in helping your child thrive.  We want each child to be able to express 100% of their God-given health.


  1. We listen to you as you tell us the milestones your child has developed thru.  The experience of their birth, your questions, your worries, your frustrations, your hopes, for instance.
  2. We use NASA certified equipment to evaluate how well your child’s body is functioning.  We perform two scans on your child’s spine. One measures the function of their spine. The other one measures how well their brain is able to communicate and control all the systems in their body.
  3. After assessing their scans, we then give our best recommendations and options for follow-up care.  It could very well be that your child is closer to congestion-free, infection-free living with a series of chiropractic adjustments.  Or it could be that a different treatment or therapy would be best at this point.

We will give you our best recommendations for your child.

The initial consultation with us here at Radiant Life is 2-parts.  It will require two appointments. (We call them Day 1 and Day 2).

Day 1

Day 1 we meet and listen while you tell us about your child.  What your worries are with them or their behavior, what is the history of treatment, etc.  Then we perform the scans on their spine.

Day 1 usually takes about an hour (depending on how many questions you may have).  

Call our office to set it up or fill out the new patient forms here.  The new patient forms take about 20 minutes to fill out, so you may want to fill them out during quiet time after the kids are in bed.  Then you can think back to remember their milestones and things you remember from pregnancy and delivery. Everything matters.

Day 2

Day 2 we meet and discuss with you our findings from reading their scans.  We explain in detail what we found and what we recommend from those findings.  The scan prints out images so you can see exactly what we’re talking about and ask us all the questions you’d like to.

Day 2 usually takes about 30 minutes to explain the findings from the scan and answer your questions. (Again, of course, depending on how many questions you may have.)  We’re happy to take what time you need to talk thru the health and potential health of your child.

The cost is $100 and includes both Day 1 and Day 2.

We’re here for you.  

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