Simple Parenting: Don’t Give Up!

simple parenting dont give up

Simple parenting. Whether we have infants or high schoolers, by sharing our experiences as parents we can ALL learn more effective ways to help our kids reach their potential!  Their potential is simply more independence as they grow.

Symptoms, health challenges, and behavior are no excuse for a child’s actions but they are something to consider. Keeping this in mind is especially important if your child has a neurological medical diagnosis (ADHD, autism, sensory processing, etc…). Your infant or child will desire independence as they see peers becoming more independent, but his/her impulsivity, focus, or delayed development may mean reaching this goal at their own pace. If you are like most parents, medical drugs are not our first choice and avoiding them is preferred so I’ve put together a few long standing principles for you.

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Life generally gives everyone many opportunities to achieve goals so why wouldn’t we?

Smart boundaries are so important! They allow our kids to grow and reach their potential while remaining safe from MAJOR harm. When they break rules keep this in mind… Removing a privilege for a long period of time creates resentment and has the opposite effect of teaching a lesson. Instead, give another opportunity for success to regain access to the privilege.

No matter the age, your child watches what you do and what you say!

Parenting. Be the role model you expect of your child.

It’s hard to change but sometimes it is what we all need. Since growing up I have realized that no one listens to a hypocrite so living like you expect your child to is one of the most effective success strategies.

Responsibility is guaranteed in life. When your child takes responsibility for their goals they can make changes, achieve goals, and be more successful in reaching life goals!

Make large tasks into many small responsibilities and reward their accomplishment! Goal setting and achieving is one of the most powerful success tools we can give our children. Eventually, let them create which goals they want to reach and help them make a plan to reach them!

Challenges are inevitable.

How we learn to respond creates a habit of success or failure.

Our kids will SOMETIMES meet our expectations and their responsibilities. Other times they will struggle to reach their goals. Talking to my little girl and explaining clearly that she has another chance to reach her goal is key for supporting her will to try again. I’VE FOUND THIS IS A MAJOR TEACHING MOMENT! Someone only fails if they decide to give up trying. Teach your child never to give up and they will learn that they set their own limits.

With parenting we don’t win every battle

With parenting we don’t win every battle nor do we always know what’s best but this huge responsibility allows us to help our children achieve independence.

More independence means the more we have time for ourselves. More time for ourselves means we can be a better husband/wife, parent, friend, and person in general. Not only does your child deserve a great life but so do you! Take these success principles and apply them to your life. Over time, get ready to watch your child’s life change before you eyes.

Complimenting boundaries and support that our kids need to grow is ESSENTIAL. Things like subluxation, food, and exercise can greatly affect how our kids perform as well. Chiropractic allows your kid’s body systems to work correctly (digestion, development, immune, hormones, etc…), organic food and no processed food gives their body what it needs to grow and develop, and exercise keeps their body functioning well (If you don’t use it you lose it!).

Working with you is a beautiful thing.

You may notice, as your child gets more and more chiropractic adjustments, they seem to magically be able to handle transitions better. What a beautiful thing to witness.

Wanna chat about your child and their struggles with sensory overload? Click here and tell us what’s going on.  Helping kids like yours is exactly what we do best.  And you’ll find, it helps not just your child but your whole family.

We’re here for you!

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