From Sensory Processing Disorder to swollen tonsils

SPD? ADHD? Ear infections? Swollen tonsils?

Sensory processing disorder.  ADHD. Emotional management. Recurring ear infections.  Swollen tonsils. What causes it all in the first place?

Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, emotional management…

A diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder can be scary but what does it mean? ADHD/ADD is a common condition of Sensory Processing Disorder as well as learning and behavioral struggles and emotional management.  

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Recurring ear infections, constantly swollen tonsils…

Ear infections, swollen tonsils that just won’t go away, sinus infections…in other words, constant sickness is all related to the immune system.  What does the immune system have to do with pediatric chiropractic?  

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