Goldenrod, Cat dander, Flower pollen, Fluffy white cottonwood tree cotton…wanna sneeze yet?

Ever have an attack of the sneezes?

Rashes, Hives, Fuzzy mouth, Itchy throat, Irritable cough, Constant throat clearing…sound familiar?

To add to this list of allergy induced reactions, we can add…out of control behavior, tantrums, irritability, congestion, the list goes on.

Interesting, huh?

And so many times, our children don’t have a point of reference to compare to when they’ve eaten something that their bodies react to, if they’ve always eaten that thing. Ya know?

Sometimes, as parents, it’s a little overwhelming to think of the effect we have on a life. And we only get one chance in raising that little life.

That’s where we come in here at Radiant Life. We help you get the answers to struggles and issues perhaps you didn’t realize were related.

Take for example, a child’s refusal to eat a particular texture of food. Or tantrums in public. Or an inability to focus when reading, writing, listening, or after having been on a screen. The constant touching, chewing, twitching, talking, singing. Or maybe yelling is the new talking.

There are natural and effective ways to reduce congestion, inflammation and behavior issues simply by pairing what we put in our mouths with the neuromechanical adjustment provided by chiropractic care.

The human body is an amazing chemical lab and reacts chemically to what it’s given.

Since our amazing bodies are managed, built, directed and run by the brain – what we eat becomes important and VITAL to our quality of life.

Need answers now? Click here and let’s get you some answers.

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