Do we take insurance?

Most insurance companies cover chiropractic care. Depending on what plan you have your insurance company will be able to answer that question more efficiently.

We provide individual and family cash based savings plans that are focused on delivering exactly what each patient needs. We take our role in pediatrics seriously, especially when a child’s future is at stake.

A high quality of care balanced with affordability for every patient is our priority. Every pediatric case is different and unique so if we can help make life easier, we will.

How does chiropractic work?

At Radiant Life Chiropractic we understand how powerful our nerve system is so we use the least invasive approach possible to get the maximum results. With much of the research in chiropractic involving pediatric neurological development and other areas like addiction it’s no wonder chiropractic has such deep roots in science. Chiropractic can affect neuroplasticity (how the brain is constantly being programmed) through an adjustment which allows the nerve system to relax. The brain and spinal cord has a protective unstretchable covering called the Dura Mater which allows for spinal fluid to nourish our nervous system. Due to the complexity of the spine we find that the points of attachment of this covering are where major problems occur within the nervous system. Tonal techniques tend to focus on these specific vertebra to ensure that the nervous system is affected most efficiently with every adjustment. Our focus on the brain and nervous system is what allows us to get such amazing results with pediatric cases on a regular basis. It’s not about symptoms, it’s about your kid’s quality of life.

Why would a kid need to be adjusted?

Pediatrics doesn’t fall into obvious neck and back pain but kids have a nerve system too. Not only that, but their nerve system and brain are growing at incredible rates. Constantly taking in information and forming their brain for the rest of their lives. If their brain is receiving the wrong messages from the spine anything from the development of skills and milestones to focus and balance issues can arise. We ensure that kids are growing, developing, healing, and excelling every chance they can. The question is not whether kids need to be checked and adjusted. The key is how soon can you get your child to a pediatric chiropractor to ensure their health.