Struggling Kids Are Real! Parents, You Are Your Kids HERO.

Imagine raising a kid with daily meltdowns, crazy anxiety, off the chart adhd, or severe autism.

Some of you don’t have to imagine, right? For some of you reading this, this sounds like daily life. Or you have someone in mind right now who you know experiences this regularly.

This hits close to home for our team because our very own Dr. Andy struggled with crazy anxiety attacks and was “awarded” the label of ADHD.

As a kid, Dr. Andy’s parents felt hopeless, frustrated, overwhelmed, and overall just sad as they navigated his struggles. They didn’t know what to do or how to handle him. They didn’t how to best help him.

Personally, Dr. Andy felt like he was a dumb kid, that he was unloveable. He felt hopeless too because he watched his parents struggle and not be able to help.

Eventually this all led up to him having suicidal thoughts and just deep depression. He just didn’t know if there was anything or anyone that could truly help.

This is why Dr. Andy and our team are so passionate about helping kiddos.

We understand the frustrations and the hopelessness in trying to find the right answer. We walk parent through a step by step process to get them the best answers and solutions for their family.

We’re proud to be the reason so many families have experienced HOPE and Guidance through giving solid answers.

When we can help a child reach their full potential, we get to give families their kid back. We love seeing this connection and we can’t wait to help you!

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Talk to you soon!

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