Know when to get surgery

surgery options

Do not avoid surgery – at all costs – when you have absolutely no option left. Sometimes that is the option you have to go with.

You need to know there are options 

There are options besides going straight to surgery.

A young mom came in with her youngest child. A little girl. She had brought her in because she kept getting ear infections. This little girl had terrible congestion. Her drainage system was just clogged.

Within three visits, her daughter’s drainage system started opening up and starting draining. 

“Why doesn’t anyone tell us this??”

What mom said to us was, “Why doesn’t anyone tell us this?? Why didn’t our pediatrician tell us this?  Why would I want my child to go through surgery when we can bring them to you and open up their ear nose throat system and have it drain naturally?”

“Why didn’t they tell us this before ever having to put my other kids through anesthesia? Having to cut their ear drum? Having to put them through rounds and rounds and rounds of antibiotics which is so damaging to the gut?”

“Why do people not talk about it?”

At our office, we measure very specifically on how well the immune system is working.  On if the drainage system is draining properly, or not. 

There are options besides going straight to surgery and rounds and rounds of antibiotics. 

Empowering the body is always going to be the best way to make it as healthy as possible. 

If you have any questions, message us anytime.  We’re here for you. Click here and tell us what’s going on.  Helping kids like yours is exactly what we do best.  And you’ll find, it helps not just your child but your whole family.

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