Taking a sick child to a chiropractor? READ THIS FIRST!


The premise of our clinic is creating the healthiest child we are able to. We want them to express 100% of their God given health. The Perfect Storm is a mixture of factors that add up causing neuro-developmental disorders (ADHD, Autism, Colic, Ear Infections, Headaches, Asthma/Allergies, Anxiety/Seizures…). Our goal is to prepare each and every parent by giving them information and an opportunity to realize where their health is at. We use NASA certified equipment to evaluate how well your body is functioning and then give our best recommendation as well as options for follow up care. Seeing as how most immunology books are almost 1000 pages long we wanted to help you by summing up the process for you in 2 pages.


What controls everything in the body? The brain and nervous system, right? Well, how does it do this? We have 5 senses we learned way back in kindergarten (taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing). Our body senses our environment and sends those signals to our brain. Our brain then determines how we should react (smile, eat, sleep…). Make sense? So our body sends signals to our brain, our brain decides what to do, then our body reacts. We live through our nervous system, right?! Our immune system is regulated by our nervous system as well!

The immune system ties in completely with the autonomic nervous system (gas pedal/brake pedal balance). In the following paragraphs let’s think about the nervous system when it comes to regulating our immune systems. An imbalanced autonomic nervous system is the main cause for a weakened immune system in our modern time. Hence, why kids are sick, have colic, or ear infections. Think about the role of vaccine ingredients, toxic diet, antibiotics, and Tylenol putting added stress on a weakened immune system creating the Perfect Storm.


In a normal immune system: something happens, our body sends soldiers, they get the job cleaned up, then the soldiers are disbanded, and everything returns to normal. There are two sides to the immune system (Th1 and Th2). Understanding how they work is important in making good choices to keep your immune system working and to stay healthy. When one side is more active the other is less active.

Th1: Killer T Cells

Their job is to kill stuff. The marines, atomic bombers, ninjas. We know their reaction better as colic, being sick, rash, diarrhea, fever, ear infection and inflammation, runny nose… Their mindset is, “Something is in here that does not belong. Let’s get it out!” This process is known as externalization. Moving things out of the body.

Th2: Caller ID (Long Term Memory), Real Immunity

Their job is to remember stuff. The spies, reconnaissance, surveillance men. We don’t feel a reaction when they are working. Their mindset is, “That something the Killer Cells found is not allowed in here again. Write it down and file it away so if we see it again we know what to do.” This process is known as internalization. Our body produces antibodies to remember what just happened so our immune system can react more quickly and efficiently next time.

ANALOGY: When a house is on fire the first people on the scene are the fire fighters. They put the fire out any way they can (Th1). After the scene has calmed down the fire inspectors show up. They figure out how this happened and what we have to do to never let this happen again (Th2).


The most common point for the immune system to become unstable is during the birth process. When a child is pulled out by their neck many times the first subluxation is created. This locks the child’s body into a “gas pedal” mode and their brain and nervous system are concerned with one thing: survival, not growth and development like it should be. This gas pedal dominance lowers the Th1 response immediately. Here are a couple other factors that lower Th1 response: stress during pregnancy, birth intervention (clamps, C-section, vacuum…), antibiotics (remove any identification for the Killer Cells), fever reducers (chemically block the Th1 response), sugar, allergens (dairy, wheat, soy…). When Th1 is lowered we have what is called a Humoral Shift. Remember if Th1 activity decreases then Th2 activity increases. If Th1 is lowered then the first time a child is teething its likely they will get a cold that develops into an ear infection because of the weakened immune system. Being sick with ear infections is then able to drive deeper into the ENT (ear nose and throat) and possibly eventually into the lungs as bronchitis, asthma, and eventually allergies. It’s no surprise we see so much colic related to these symptoms.

Commonly Th1 is not only weakened but the shift becomes skewed more. Th2 is strengthened by vaccinations. From before birth to the age of 2 a child’s nervous system is developing faster than any other time in their life! In 1983 our kids received about 8 vaccinations before the age of 2. In 2013 our kids receive 30 vaccinations before the age of 2. Does it make sense how we see this intense shift in the immune system? Every time Th2 is strengthened the Th1 response is weakened. Kids are becoming more unable to deal with their environment on their own due to their immune system never being allowed to develop. When the externalizing system is inactive (Th1) their body has no choice but to internalize an infection. Antibiotics, vaccines, Tylenol, and other stressful factors all drive the infection deeper into the body.


In this day in age we do still have many options. We have the option of choosing drugs OR allowing the body to go through its natural 7-12 day cycle of recognizing an infection and working through it. We have the option of choosing IF and WHEN to vaccinate. We have the option to choose cleaner and healthier foods. We have the option as well to make sure THE CONTROL SYSTEM is balanced. As a chiropractic patient you are able to verify that your family’s nervous systems are balanced and able to efficiently and correctly coordinate and control your immune system. We see this literally ALL THE TIME as this is the #1 testimony our patients give whether that’s why they came in or not!!! Regular checkups keep you functioning at 100% as well as give your family access to great resources so you can stay in control of your own health. Don’t let someone else decide what is healthy for you. Only you have to live with your health.


We just gave you an amazing tool of knowledge most people don’t want to spend the time to learn. Be better than you were yesterday. Start now!!! Ask questions!!! Radiant Life Chiropractic is here to help guide you through your journey in health so feel free to ask us questions any time. Pregnant? Mother of One? Mother of Ten? Or maybe you just want a happy healthy family? Your choices matter to you and your family. WE SEE RESULTS WHEN WE DECIDE TO TAKE ACTION!

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