The Easiest Way To Eliminate Tantrums

Do children outgrow ADHD?

Such a great and important question.

If you have a child that’s been diagnosed, or you suspect could be diagnosed with ADHD, then you’ve noticed (or you will shortly) that between the ages of 4-11 they’re very energetic and “everywhere”.

As that child grows, their muscle and sensory system get tired. They’ve spent years on overdrive. Overstimulated and go-go-go on the gas pedal. Interestingly, when they reach mid teens, the energy that is trapped in them is manifest in loss of energy, perhaps wanting to sleep all day, almost like a depressive state.

What we hear from parents is something like, “It’s like he’s grown out of ADHD but then not really.”

Here’s what has happened and how to help your child thrive.

The brain has its own awareness.

The human brain is amazing. We have an incredible ability to adapt to what becomes ‘normal’ for us. So when the body is out of alignment – especially from birth – the brain and body don’t know any better than to accept a dysfunction as normal – and then adapt to it.

Our brain is always working with the information it’s given from the various systems in our body. This info is delivered to and from the brain in largest part by the sensory system.

The brain takes in information from our senses and forms memories and images. Then we reflect on our memories and experiences which create our behavior toward life.

Keep in mind we have 7 senses that gather and deliver information to the brain. Sight, smell, touch, taste, sound, inner ear, and the spine.

Each sense is important, however, the spine plays the most important role in the information that comes into our brain.

The spine gives the brain 80% of the sensory input to the brain.

Therefore, the more aware we are of our senses, the more in-control our lives become. When we are unaware of or numbed to our senses, the more out of control our lives feel. Thus resulting in overwhelm, tantrums, confusion, meltdowns, self-absorption…and the list goes on. The same goes for our children.

Make sense?

We adapt to what our brain and body has learned is normal. Even if that “normal” is dysfunctional.

Here at Radiant Life, we use a static emg scan that measures, records and graphs the energy your child’s muscles emit. This scan looks at the amount of energy being held in your child’s spine as a result of misalignment (subluxation). We refer to this as “tone”.

“Tone” is measurable. It determines the amount of ‘noise’ our brains receive as opposed to accurate information. Our brains are sensing that noise. It’s manifest as tight posture, locked in muscles, out of control behavior, etc.

Now think: Noise in. Noise out. The energy has to go somewhere. It doesn’t just disappear, it must be expressed somehow.

For example, if you’ve ever had to speak in public. Think about what that feels like. Heart racing like it’s going to jump out of your throat, sweat dripping down the middle of your back, shaking hands, sweaty palms, rings of sweat in the armpits of your shirt, difficulty staying focused. All of this is energy finding a release. The energy must go somewhere.

That’s why public speaking coaches teach various techniques such as cupping or tapping or vocal exercises or an exercise/dance routine for their clients to practice before a speech – because it allows you to give the energy direction and release.

That’s the same way it is for our kiddos. When there’s energy trapped in their spine and the sensory system is not able to have clear communication between the brain and the systems of the body – the energy ‘comes out’ as out-of-control behavior, tantrums, impatience, irritability, inability to sit still…

So if you want to provide your child with the success of enough correct information for their brain to function at top notch, then you want to make sure their spine is working correctly with no misalignments to hamper the information flow to-and-from the brain.

As pediatric chiropractors, the Static EMG scan allows us to see and to show you exactly where there is energy being held by the body causing misinformation – or not enough information – to reach the brain. I.e., energy that needs to be freed manually by a trained pediatric chiropractor.

We’re able to read your child’s emg scan to see how we can balance their nervous system so the brain is able to be calmed.

The result?

The brain will have peace from the constant noise and the brain-body connection will be able to reconnect and function properly.

The easiest way to eliminate tantrums in 1-2-3:

1.Help your child be as aware as possible of their senses, surroundings, and experiences.

Also known as “right brain living”.

For example:

  • Taking a walk together. Admiring God’s creations and beauty.
  • Create something. Cooking, painting, drawing, building, writing, sculpting, etc
  • Socializing. Getting together with family and friends is important.
  • Meditation, relaxation, prayer, practicing gratitude. Allowing the peace to sink in. You’re example to your children is paramount. They copy what they see demonstrated. What they experience is what becomes their reality.

2. Be aware of outside stressors that your child has had in the past or is now experiencing and do all you can to reduce them. 

Physical Stress

falling, hitting their head or neck, (think football, gymnastics), bad posture (which could be in their control or maybe as a result of misalignment in their spine), sitting around a lot watching screens, heavy backpacks, in utero constraint, birth trauma (forceps, vacuum, cord-wrapped, c-section, epidural, etc.

Chemical Stress

toxic ingredients, antibiotic overuse, chemical exposure (house chemicals, new houses, etc.)

Emotional Stress 

bullying, labeling, guilt, worry, self doubt, difficulty dealing with peers or crowds, etc.

3. Give your child the opportunity and freedom provided by an EMG scan and series of chiropractic adjustments. 

Have a static emg scan and series of adjustments to correct any misalignments and free the trapped energy so their brain can regulate. It’s painless, it’s consistent, and it works.

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