The Gut-Brain Connection

The gut-brain connection

What is the Gut-Brain connection and what does it have to do with your child’s health?

The 3 main systems that affect your child’s health.

The 3 main systems that can affect your child’s health are: 

  1. The brain and sensory system,
  2. the immune system, and 
  3. the digestive system. 

These systems are a triad that interconnect to communicate with each other. 

Gut function (the digestive system) is not often discussed or emphasized, but it’s important. It can affect your child’s brain systems as well as cause spine problems. 

The Gut-Brain connection has a role in “sympathetic dominant neurology.”

Our sympathetic nervous system is the fight or flight response.  It’s the natural, automatic and involuntary response of our body to danger or stress.  

We sometimes also refer to it as gas pedal mode.

The involuntary response of the body to danger or stress can affect the digestive and immune systems. It can cause dysfunction in digestive (gut) function and possibly the immune system as well. 

This means your child is not only having an issue with their tummy, but also the ability to fight off infection. 

When there is dysfunction related to the gut brain connection in your child the vagus nerve is affected. 

The vagus nerve is located in the upper neck area of the spine which controls the ability of brake pedal functions for your child. 

Opposite the functions of the gas pedal, the brake pedal functions include digestion, immune system, and emotional control. Without proper function of the digestive system your child can eat the best food ever and the body may have difficulty processing or absorbing the nutrients. 

All systems of the body work together. 

Healing happens fastest in forward movement

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