The link between chiropractic care and self confidence


Self worth and confidence sink quickly under the weight of hindered abilities. Unfortunately, many people live with issues that impact relationships and school work, and we meet a lot of tired parents and discouraged kids who have had their confidence injured. But we know God will meet this deep need!
Marley’s testimony is a beautiful reminder that confidence flourishes when we connect to God’s design for us.
“I have had accidents since I was 5 and felt embarrassed about it. But after starting at Radiant Life, I have not been having as many accidents.
I feel like I can be more confident and out of my comfort zone.
I feel like I am now proud to be myself.”


Parents usually don’t pinpoint spinal health as a potential cause of issues like poor reading comprehension or angry outbursts. Why would they? But they wonder if they will see their son or daughter thrive as the confident kid they were made to be. (Isn’t it funny that we hear “have a spine” used as euphemism for CONFIDENCE?)

Fortunately, there is GOOD NEWS:

The brain is the powerhouse of the body. It tells every little cell, tissue, and nerve what to do and how to respond to stimulation. When there’s an imbalance in the sensory system, it can affect every part of your child’s body. Yes, including  function, development, and quality of life. Sensory imbalance can make it difficult to reach milestones, notice bodily cues, comprehend academically, and regulate emotions. Thus, confidence declines.
In our patient evaluation, we determine where the stress is occurring and to what degree. And after we identify it, we correct the cause and reduce the stress.


Besides the spinal care benefits, kids build confidence and self advocacy skills (the ability to speak up for their needs) little by little — this requires lots and lots of practice.  These activities can be wonderful ways to develop confidence and build on life skills:
  •  Attend social events
  • Offer community service
  • Interact with others
  • Learn and follow systems
  • Set and honor boundaries
  • Serve someone else
You are valuable for who you are, not what you do. You are significant, and you are enough. Remind yourself each day of these truths, and they will spill over to your child as well. 
Don’t wait to schedule an evaluation of the function-ability of your child’s spine. We will work with you, establishing the foundation to develop the confidence they deserve. We are here for you!
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