The Most Overlooked Key For Your Child To Have A Healthy Immune System

3 tips for raising healthy kids

So many times as parents we miss that one simple piece that changes the course of the health of our child’s immune system. It’s simple, critical and key. And too many times…it’s overlooked.

That key?

The proper function of the spine.

Think for a minute about a phone and a charger cord…A phone is an amazing creation with so many functions. Taking pictures, recording videos, watching YouTube, getting directions, posting reviews, reading reviews, making informed decisions and well, simply learning tons of stuff on there…

The charger cord for your phone must be plugged into a power source in order to have access to and use all of its functions (in other words, to actually be able to work).

Now – imagine the phone as an immune organ. (One of the organs that help your immune system be strong and function properly.)

Think of the phone as the organ and the charger cord as the nerve that plugs into the brainstem that plugs into the brain (the power source) to give the organ access and ability to use all of its functions (actually be able to work).

If there’s an issue with the spine which prevents the nerve from plugging in properly…how well is the organ able to work? Yep. Not very well.

That means, your child doesn’t have control of their immune system. Which means…they keep getting sick.

You may have already been through rounds of steroids, antibiotics, ear infection after ear infection and constant congestion.

(Not to mention the angry meltdowns and episodes from their sensory system not able to get proper power input.)

The disconnect created by an issue with the spine creates a disconnect in the brain’s ability to regulate it’s systems properly. That includes the sensory system, the immune system, the digestive system, etc.

So your child tends to get sick more often.

The neurological scan at our office here at Radiant Life, helps us be able to tell if and how much disconnection your child is struggling with and how hard your child’s brain has to work to make the organs work properly.

That’s especially important to understand as we’re coming into the sick season.

How long will it take to ‘reconnect’?

The answer is – it depends. Think of a puzzle. The more complicated the puzzle, the more time it takes to sort it out and put it together. We, here at Radiant Life, simply sort out the parts that need adjusting and release them in your child so that their brain can reconnect.

Here’s what we heard over and over this week:

“We weren’t sure if we were going to come in and see what this is all about, but we’re so glad we did!”

“Now I understand.”

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