The Simple Truth About Sick Season

No one knows your child like you.

You know the small and simple changes in the tones of their every sound. You know the differences between a tired complaint, a gurgle of delight, the sound of pain, a squeal of glee, a burst of frustration, a chuckle of joy and the whimper of illness.

You’ve heard the phrase: “Listen to your body.”

How can you listen to your child’s body to be able to know when there’s an imbalance in the regulation of their immune system?

Want that repeated in English? 🙂

Watch for these signs so you can know when your child’s immune system is working hard, and when there may be something more going on:


Malaise (feeling blah)

Not hungry and not thirsty

Desire to not socialize

Constant runny nose

Itchy, watery eyes

All of these symptoms are normal neurological (brain) responses for our body to fight infection and heal. These signals show that the immune system is out of balance and is working hard to achieve balance again by fighting off the attackers.

And our bodies are sooo good at keeping the balance of health running smoothly when everything in our nervous system is in proper order.

When a child has constant congestion, a pediatric chiropractor looks for signals in the body that indicate a problem. Remember, the inflammatory and immune responses of the body are regulated by the brain.
The spine controls the function of the brain.

Therefore, it becomes paramount to make sure that the spine is working properly.

What does a spine problem look like?
If there is a spine problem in your child their body does everything it can to create stability. Everything from tightening muscles in order to hold the joint together better to redirecting systems of the body to take priority over others.

The brain controls all of your child’s muscles and organs through nerves that pass through the spine.
If there is a spine problem then the brain does not have the freedom and ability to work properly.
We’ve talked at length about ear infections. And how – many, many times – infections are caused by the muscles of the neck being too tight because there is an adjustment needed in the spine. With the muscles too tight, a damming of fluid in the ears, nose, and throat system occurs (ears, tonsils, adenoids, sinuses, etc) trapping bacteria and viruses.

Now we’ll talk about an immune system that is run down and overwhelmed from stressors, stimulants, and food causing congestion and imbalance in your little one – without you even knowing it’s happening to them….and what you can do about it.

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