Three Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Fruit

“That looks weird.’

“I don’t like that!”


Sometimes, it can be so tricky to get a kiddo to get their proper nutrition in everyday. We see this all the time at our office and have first hand watched parents struggle.

One way to get a child to eat their fruits is through a smoothie! There are so many ways to make this extra tasty, extra nutritious, AND get your kid involved and excited about it! We think one of the best ways is to get them to guess the ingredients of the smoothie. We love to use coconut milk to make ours extra delicious!

Another way is to add fruit to a bowl of granola or even just make it into a smoothie bowl! This is our version of cereal in the mornings, but we prefer this taste anyway! It’s a healthier option to get your kids fruit fix in

Finally, it’s so┬ámuch more fun if they get into the action, so let them choose their fruits! Whether that looks like asking them ahead of time before you go to the store, or bringing them with and letting them look at their options, do what works best for your family! This gives them the ability to get excited about THEIR choice for their meal.

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