Top 3 Reasons Parents Ask About Chiropractic

Parents Ask About Chiropractic

The top 3 reasons parents ask about chiropractic usually have to do with their child’s immune system, sensory system or digestive system.

  1. Their child is perfectly healthy yet they want to ensure they stay as healthy as possible.  These parents are curious what they can do differently to help their child stay healthy.
  2. Their child seems tired and listless, they catch every cold and flu in town.  Their child suffers with chronic earaches, sinus infections and congestion. Just constantly sick.  These parents innately know there’s something compromising their child’s health. They’re tired of being given prescriptions or being told that “there’s nothing wrong with your child” or “they’ll grow out of it” or “kids are just always sick.”
  3. Their child may have a particular health issue such as colic, asthma, allergies, bed wetting and they’d like some help or they may be looking for ideas on how to support their child’s body systems:  immune system, sensory system, digestive system, brain and nerve development.
It’s so frustrating to see your child constantly sick.  

Constantly congested over and over again.  Obviously something is wrong if they’re constantly sick.  Especially if you’ve had surgery and medications and they’re just sick again.

If everything was fine, medicine would have worked…the FIRST time.

If everything was fine, surgery would have worked…the FIRST time.

Why isn’t anything draining properly?

So now we need to begin asking the question:  Why isn’t anything draining properly?

The Ear Nose Throat System that every single kid has is called the lymphatic system. It’s how our brain makes sure that everything drains from our sinuses and ears properly into our bodies so that our body and immune system can take care of it.

It includes the tonsils, the adenoids, the sinuses, the inner ears and the lymph nodes.  

When the drainage system is working correctly…

All of the fluid can come out of your child’s head and neck and drain properly when the drainage system is working correctly.

When the drainage system isn’t working properly…

When the drainage system isn’t working properly or coordinated properly, all of the fluid gets stopped up in the head, neck and ears and when that happens, there is always…

Chronic ear infections, chronic sinus infections, swollen tonsils, swollen adenoids, etc.  In other words, always sick.

This dysfunctioning immune system is correctable!

This condition is correctable.  However, it needs to be measured FIRST to know how well that ear/nose/throat system is working.  

See exactly how well your child’s drainage system is working and get answers

In the neurological scan we do in our office at Radiant Life, you can see exactly how well your child’s drainage system is working and get some answers as to what would be needed to correct it…so your child won’t constantly be sick anymore.

Think…fewer doctor bills, less medicine, less headaches, more comfort, more happiness, more sleep.

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