Tubes In The Ears And Still Another Infection?

Tubes and still another infection?

Tubes in the ears and still another infection?  

Maybe putting tubes in didn’t get to the cause…

If a child is continuously sick, we can know that there is an issue with their immune system.

Knowing the immune system is controlled and regulated by the brain, and the brain gets information through the nerves in the spinal cord…

Therefore, if infections are still happening then we can know that there’s a big likelihood that the breakdown of communication to the brain to regulate the immune system is from somewhere along the spine.

Lisa’s story…

“I have a million testimonies about my kids and the benefits of chiropractic for my kids and I rarely share about me.

One thing about me is that I love being outside.  I’ve always suffered from allergies. Bad allergies.  That constant drainage that keeps you up at night. Sneezing.  Dead asleep and just sitting up and sneezing.

I could not enjoy the outdoors.  As a kid I lived on antibiotics for ear infections.  As I grew up I lived on antibiotics for sinus infections.

I’ve had surgeries and tubes, tonsils out, adenoids out…and still suffering with sinus infections.  

Since I started getting adjusted 4 years ago, I have not had even one sinus infection.  And I haven’t had to take any allergy medication and I can enjoy the outdoors year round.

I haven’t changed anything except chiropractic. I’ve always done honey and the local honeys and the neti pot and all the cures for allergies that are out there but nothing has ever helped.

And it just feels amazing to be allergy free with no medication and no modifications to my lifestyle.

My point is – I was helped.”

How does the immune system work?

The immune system is the body’s defense against infection and illness.

The immune system has two parts, Th1 and Th2.

Understanding how they work is important in making good choices to keep our immune system working and staying healthy.

When one part is more active than the other, the other is less active.

Th1:  Killer T Cells

Their job is to kill stuff.  

The mindset of the Th1 Killers is, “Something is here that does not belong and is harmful. Let’s get it out!”

This process is known as externalization. Moving things out of the body.  In the body that looks like rash, diarrhea, fever, inflammation, runny nose, etc

Th2: Caller ID (Long Term Memory), Real Immunity

Their job is to remember stuff.  The mindset of the Th2 is, “Record this so it doesn’t happen again.”

For example, when a house is on fire the first people on the scene are the fire fighters. They put the fire out any way they can as quickly as possible (Th1).

After the scene has calmed down the fire inspectors show up. They figure out how this happened and what we have to do to prevent this from happening again (Th2).

If you have a kiddo that sounds like Lisa or they might be on a path like she was with constant antibiotics or ear infections or sinus infections, constant drainage or seriously suffering with allergies, give us a call.  

We’re at least here for a conversation.  

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