What Drives Anxiety

Your life flashes before your eyes. You feel your heart beat out of control. Immediately your mind goes to a state of fear that you aren’t going to make it this time. Breathing becomes so tight it’s like your shirt is shrinking rapidly. Nobody understands what you’re going through though they want to help.

Please understand this comes from a place of extreme experience. I personally suffered from anxiety/panic attacks for over 2 years thinking I would die every single day. The only place I felt safe was asleep. I dreaded the day time because I knew I’d be plagued once again with terror. Let me tell you. There is hope. You are not going to die. We will work through this mess together!

First off, please realize that anxiety is simply an overstimulated nervous system (brain). The question now becomes why is your brain overstimulated. Could be medications/drugs, immense emotional experiences, or a host of other reasons. Do you need medication to fix the problem? Rarely do medications affecting the brain do more good than harm. They numb the sense. Let’s see how this affects the brain and your anxiety.


Sensory input is what your brain feeds on and lives off of. Without it, you would be in a coma. So POWERFUL! An overwhelming majority of input comes from movement of the spine and what’s going on inside your body (not feeling but function!). The two most important things to the brain.

The digestive system and Vagus nerve directly connect what you eat with your brain! An irritated gut means your brain becomes irritated as well. You have to make sure your gut is healthy and working correctly.

The spine controls how well the digestive, Vagus nerve, and fight/flight response systems are working. Again, the key to most of your brain’s input is in them proper movement of your spine. Pretty important, right?

A stressed out brain:

-Immune Function Decreased

-Digestive Function Decreased

-Anxiety and Hyperactivity Increased


Digestive Options

-Fasting (with bone broth)

-Probiotic Supplement (quality is key)

-Remove sugar and processed chemicals that irritate the gut

-Food sensitivity testing

Spine Options

-Specific chiropractic adjustments

-Spine specific stretching

All of the above options are suggested to be done under the guidance of a licensed professional. Though much research supports all of the options it is important, DO NOT TAKE YOUR HEALTHCARE LIGHTLY! 

As always I hope this has helped get you back to health. Follow us on FB, SnapChat @peddoc6, Instagram @radiant_life_chiro

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