What Every Mom Needs To Know About the Digestive System And How We Help, Part 1

The digestive system is regulated and controlled by the brain.

When you think about it, the brain must have correct information to perform properly. It only has the info it’s given from the sensory system.

So if something is out of place within the nervous system and the information the brain is getting is wrong or incomplete, DYSFUNCTION is caused in the body which leads to the brain not functioning properly.

Autism is no exception.

Digestive struggles are common in these kiddos. Struggles such as reflux, constipation, the throw-ups or the throw-downs, upset stomach, stomach ache, nausea and more…are all signs that something is amiss in the system and the focus must become healing the gut.

When you come into the office, this is a simple evaluation that provides all kinds of important information so you can help your child thrive.

We check the upper neck and do a quick and painless neurological scan that will reveal if the food your child eats is moving through them properly. It may also clue us in if there is malabsorption.

What do we check?

First, we’re looking to see how well regulated the digestive system is. Therefore,

We’re looking at the direct communication ability between the gut and the brain. This is the physical ability of the nerves (specifically the Vagus nerve) to give info to the brain without any kinks, detours or dead ends.

We’re looking at the systemic response that is produced in the brain. In other words, how the system is responding to the information – or lack of information – that it’s receiving. This is also known as the fight or flight survival mode that your child’s brain may be in from lack of communication ability within their nervous system.

If your child’s brain is in the fight or flight mode, then it is constantly on GO-GO-GO with no time or ability to stop and recover. That’s really quite exhausting when you think about it. Makes me want to take a nap. How amazing your child is!

The important thing to realize is that your child needs to be evaluated to see the ability of their nervous system and digestive system to talk to each other.

So their brain can then allow them to REST, DIGEST, AND HEAL.

The evaluation takes about an hour. Call or come in today.

Next week in part 2 of What Every Mom Needs To Know About the Digestive System And How We Help, we’ll talk about the second thing we check in the evaluation of your child’s digestive system.

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