What if all the behavior problems are really sensory processing issues?

Who knew sensory problems could lead to this?

Here at Radiant Life, we share our wins and our passion for kiddos living their fullest life.

What you might not know is what started this drive to help sensory kids. Our very own Doctor Andy struggled with sensory issues growing up, and because of that his teacher labeled him a “bad kid.” He struggled to pay attention, sit still, and be quiet.

Can anyone else relate? These issues didn’t make him a bad kid! His body just wouldn’t let him focus!

Because his teacher had made him out to being a “bad kid”, she told his best friend’s parents not to let him hang out with childhood Andy. For a year and a half, Andy wasn’t allowed to hang out with his best friend! This stress added up over the years and ended up with Andy wanting to commit suicide in 8th grade. So many kids live with this pressure! So many people think this is normal, when really this can be helped by calming their sensory system.

At the time,  Andy didn’t know what to do, and the pressure kept building until late high school and early college, where he tried to numb the pain with drugs and alcohol.

He didn’t know how else to get a break from the pain of failing to live up to expectations. This lead to failing out of college and panic attacks for two years where he thought he was going to die EVERY SINGLE DAY. Talk about torture… Not to mention, he would wake up at night in the middle of winter to drive home to his mom’s house for comfort with his head out the window just to stay awake.

This was normal life to him. He was constantly on meds or trying to wait it out, which more often than not made things worse. These were not the answers to fix what was going on. This is why we’re so passionate to help your kids. Our heart goes out to the kids who are just like Dr. Andy, because we know this happens too often. We fight for kids with behavior issues or labels because they deserve to reach their maximum potential that God gave them. We want to be here to hold your hand as a parent and walk you through how to best help your kid.

So what can you do to help your kid’s sensory issues? Let us help.

This is what we do at Radiant Life. We assess the sensory processing of your child, which is how well their brain can tell what’s going on inside their body.

If this is disconnected, the brain is already preoccupied with stress and doesn’t feel safe. Almost all the symptoms sensory kids experience show this need to stay in fight/flight. We HAVE to make this brain reconnection first, and then a recommendation for referrals and resources will be exponentially more impactful. Without a proper functioning sensory system a child’s brain struggles to understand or care what it’s being told and taught. We are passionate about helping your kid and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


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