What Is A Seizure?!

What is a seizure? The question that many people think they know but really, all they understand is that their child’s brain is extremely stressed out. Rarely do we as healthcare professionals and parents understand the question, “What is actually going on with the brain?” Seizures. An important topic to fully understand. After studying with the best cutting edge doctors who work in the arena of neurological development (especially seizures and autism) I realized the need for anatomy, physiology, and neurology to be known by parents.

So many times parents of seizure sufferers are told that there is a problem with their child’s brain, if they are given a reason at all. We find that this tends to make little sense when we dig deep into cases of seizures. How does the brain work? This is a simple question that too often gets ignored. The brain is a reactive organ that perceives the environment through our senses. Normally, when the brain gathers all the information, it reacts, and we may swerve our car to avoid something in the road, start sweating when we get hot, shiver when we’re cold, or breath faster when we are nervous or scared. Our brain literally controls every single thing we do. Most importantly it controls how well we relax as well. Hopefully you are following so far. At this point we need to look at neurology to get some more clear answers as to why a seizure occurs.

Movement of our spine and our 7 senses. We have seven senses as the sources of input into our brain. Your child’s brain is always receiving signals from these senses though they are not constantly being stimulated. We shut our eyes and we no longer see. We are stuffed up and we no longer smell and so on. This is where science shows us the most impactful window into neurological development! Most of us are familiar with all of our senses except for our “posture” sense. Over 90% of information our brain receives is from our posture which is sent from the joints in our spine and the muscles around them. Think about this for a moment… Every second of every day we feel the effects of gravity which our brain must react to. Therefore, this is our main source of input into our brain!

If the brain is reactive to the information coming into it then to find the cause we must first look at the most influential modes of input. So if the spine is not moving correctly we can be sure the brain is getting overstimulated. That is where chiropractic comes into the picture. Chiropractors are the only profession expertly trained in the specific correction of the joints of the spine. Our goal is to allow these joints to move freely and correctly which in turn gives the brain proper input as consistently as possible.

As a parent I would much rather have my child’s brain and nerve system working properly than leaving a potential life changing stone unturned (not getting them checked by a chiropractor). Seizures result from many improper inputs into the brain causing it to begin wiring in an overwhelming pattern. This mixed up wiring results in an easily overstimulated brain which then controls the physiology of your child’s body. Result – Seizure. There is more depth to a seizure but the major factors are right in front of our noses.

“Is chiropractic safe for kids?” is a question that I get very often. Chiropractic is gentle and very safe for kids. Especially in the seizure world when you compare the “normal” route of medications that are very invasive and harsh on kid’s brains. Sadly, many times medications are tried as a last resort and are not enough to handle the epilepsy or do not work without crazy side effects. This is at the expense of our kids health because we are desperate for answers and help. Chiropractic is an option that is gaining more light as we understand science more and more.  As always, TAKE ACTION to see results!

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