What To Look For In A Pediatric Doctor (part 1)

My kid is sick. Google is overwhelming. Where do I find a good doctor? What do I even look for?

At our office, we hear this constantly! We’re so proud to be able to take care of kids, specializing in immune system and neurology cases! We love getting to help kids who struggle with chronic infections, finally find freedom from sickness!

With neurology cases, we get to see so many kids find freedom from distraction or frustration in their mood and temperament. It’s so exciting for us when we hear directly from these kiddos that they feel calm when they have never really experienced that before!

We know what we’re good at and we can and will refer you to the best, in our opinion, for everything else!

But for helpful hints on what to look for in your pediatric doctor, we’ve made it pretty simple.

First, make sure your doctor actually has fun with kids!

You don’t want your kid to dread going to the doctor. Although Doctors unfortunately get a bad rap because you usually only need them when something is wrong, try to find a doctor that genuinely is excited to see your kids and that your kids don’t completely dread going to see!

Second, it’s absolutely necessary that your doctor is always researching, looking into more and more about their field of study.

It’s necessary by law for doctors to have continued education, but why wouldn’t your doctor want to know more about what they spend their life doing? Find a doctor who is passionate about what they do, so much so that they WANT to learn as much as possible!

And finally, find someone who genuinely cares about your family so much that they would make emergency house calls if necessary!

You’re important to our family! We love getting to serve you and can’t wait to hear from you and your family. Let us know how we can help!

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