What would a parent do for their child if they were standing on a rooftop about to jump..

What a scary thought, right?!

No parent should have to experience something like this, but for this single mom, this nightmare was a reality.

This mom would often get calls like this about her son. It happened so often, in fact, she lost her job because she continuously had to leave work to go help him.

This is what any good parent would do!

At this final point, she felt hopeless.

She finally opened up to people about this. She didn’t know where to turn anymore so she

spoke with friends and family and turned to God for any ounce of hope.

No kid wants to be bad. No kid wants to put their family

through this, or take their own life.

Often we see this kind of behavior because it’s a child who can’t communicate. They have an internal stress that they can’t cope with or understand themself.

Finally, she found Radiant Life.

We measured the amount of stress so mom could see this clearly. We then made a plan to help calm his brain down so he can clearly communicate and handle the emotions that come.

After coming in for care at the office, this little boy had a whole week without a phone call. Not only that but the one time there was an issue, they were able to talk through it and calm him down.

This family found hope.

We’re so excited for this family. We can’t wait to see how much more hope and joy there is for them as they walk with us through their journey.

Let us know if this is something that sounds familiar to you! We can’t wait to help you and can’t wait to hear your story!

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