What’s the best therapy for my child?

We’ve all heard about a lot of different kinds of therapies, right?

It can be pretty overwhelming. So don’t waste your time!

At our office, we hear of so many different therapies parents try before meeting us.

We’re here to help you understand their value, and our value for your child’s best possible outcome.

Don’t waste your time searching online, you’ll just get overwhelmed by all the different information. We’re here to walk you through this! We’ve done this before and are happy to help you.

We know you’re a good parent, you just want to help your kiddo.

The brain has a way of developing and functioning properly. We are here to set that foundation before we can build upon it.

When searching different therapies, ask them how they’re helping your child’s brain developmentally. If they aren’t doing that, it more than likely is not the best time to be searching that specific therapy out. They might be something you seek out after setting their foundation, but behavioral therapy is secondary.

Imagine coming home from a tough day, when you aren’t feeling your best, stress high, anxiety ridden, and someone tries to modify your behavior.. That wouldn’t go over well, right?

So we need to set the foundation first, get your child feeling their best first, and that will set the tone for their behavior. That will help us clearly see if there actually needs to be behavior therapy.

So to break it down, the number one thing the brain wants is a sense of SAFETY. Everything needs to be working properly. This is setting the foundation of our sensory system,

Step two is removing the triggers or stressors.

If we don’t have our first step set foundationally of feeling secure, then the triggers of course will affect your child. The triggers are important to remove once we know the foundation is set.

Step three is when we modify things.

Once we know that the foundation is set, and there aren’t any triggers causing “therapy needing” behavior, then this is when we look into what we can do to modify that behavior. This is when therapy will be best received for the best possible quality of life for your kiddo.

We’re always here for questions on when to do the best therapy and who to look to! We love to help in any way we can! We have seen family after family, desperate for the best for their child, and we know we can help, and we know how to help.

We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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