What’s The Big Deal About Oxygen?

From awareness comes choice. 

From choice comes the opportunity of freedom, healing, proper development and peace. 

We could talk to you until we’re blue in the face about your child’s brain development. The fact of the matter is, a child’s brain is not able to handle the constant influx of dopamine that an extended amount of screen time gives.

And if your child already has sensory issues, trouble staying focused, controlling their emotional responses, sleeping, digestive problems, ADHD or has autism, screen time is even more detrimental to their development. Meaning, activity of the body feeds the brain. Brain development doesn’t happen without movement of the spine.

What’s so great about getting active?

So many things!

For one thing, activity increases the strength of the heart as well as the muscles around the lungs.

The main thing to understand is this…

Activity is what gives the brain 80% of the information it needs to make decisions, regulate how well the body works, and grow and develop the brain. (Keep in mind, movement of the spine is one of the seven, – yes, SEVEN – senses.)

Therefore strengthening the muscles around the lungs by increased activity allows a greater amount of oxygen in because the stronger muscles create a stronger vacuum to pull more air in. Make sense?

The diaphragm is a large muscle that sits under the lungs and is key in allowing the lungs to fill sufficiently with life giving oxygen.

By the way, chances are if the spine is out of alignment, the diaphragm is unable to perform its proper function because it attaches at the back to the spine.

That’s the physical component, however there’s another layer here. The neurological component. C3, C4 and C5 in the neck, house the Phrenic nerve which controls the diaphragm.

Therefore, if movement of the spine is either inhibited or under-used (ie, out of alignment and/or sitting around too much) the body will only be able to get a partial amount of oxygen to grow, heal and develop properly.

What’s more, it will be difficult for your child to even want to do physical activity because breathing will be a challenge.

So…What does oxygen do exactly?

Well, to explain it in simple terms…

The role of oxygen in the human body is to deliver the nutrients to the cells so they can grow properly and then…to take away the wastes.

If that’s not happening – where do the wastes stay?

Yep! Still in the cells. Creating dis-ease.

Kinda scary when you think about it. Huh?

Since everything in the human body was created for a purpose and to work together for the benefit of healing and growth, it’s very important that the diaphragm has the freedom and ability to work properly.

You’ll remember we’re talking this month about being active and how to help your child be more active.

That’s why we bring up oxygen in the first place. (In case you were wondering.) 🙂

Last week we promised to give you some simple ways to limit or eliminate screen time so you can help your child become more active with effective and consistent results.

So you can help their brains get the oxygen and information that will help them best learn and grow and prepare for their futures.

As promised, 7 Simple Ways To Limit Or Eliminate Screen Time will be given to you here next.

Come in today and help your child gain freedom, healing and peace.

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