When was the last time relaxing was a thing?

Relaxing. When was the last time that was a thing?

 As a “relaxing” parent reading this.. I can hear laughing through whatever device this blog is being read on right now.

Doctor Andy’s parents didn’t get a lot of relaxing time because he was diagnosed with ADHD in fifth grade. He was a handful. He was always up running around, getting into things, being the curious little guy that he still is today. It was more than what a normal little boy would do!

Does this sound familiar to you?

If this is your life as a parent, please know that it’s important for you to spend time relaxing for yourself. Find a place to go enjoy yourself, for yourself and your kids sanity!

You are a good parent. Even without relaxing.

As we approach fall, get yourself some pumpkin spice in your life! Get ready for some pumpkin patch action, make sure you enjoy the small things in every season, but especially right now. It’s so important to stay focused on what’s positive through relaxing in gratitude toward what you have been blessed with.
As a sensory kid himself, Doctor Andy’s heart goes out to parents who deal with kids like him every day. His parents didn’t have someone to help them. His parents didn’t have a Doctor Andy or Radiant Life team to hold their hand through the frustrating days. His parents didn’t get opportunities to chill out, because he was all over the place.

This is why it’s our passion at Radiant Life to get kid’s brains under control. When kid’s relax, parents can relax.


We calm down and reconnect the brain so kids can process the world better. When the brain is plugged in, they can process their emotions, school, pretty much everything better!
As a connected kid, they can take on whatever the world throws at them better. No matter where they are!

Our heart goes out to kids who just live life without reaching their full potential. Our hearts are here for the parents who watch their child struggle.

We are here for you. So you can relax. We’re here to hold your hand through the process of maximizing your kid’s potential. It’s all we do! And we’re good at it!


It is well known at this point that stress in parenting coorelates to the struggles kids have at home.  Not to say it is the cause by any means, BUT it does contribute to a child’s struggle with behavior.  For those of you that like research here is a study.  When we reconnect kids they function and adapt in the stress of life so much better and then we see your stress reduce as well.  Come on now… who doesn’t want that?

Let’s get your kid reconnected, and reengaged in their life!

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