Why do exhausted parents watch our videos? (Over 3 million!) They may be on to something…

Parents are experiencing so much exhaustion, brain fog, just feeling crummy..

So are their kids!

It looks a lot like behavior issues.

Screens, school, change of pace in this crazy last year! Who could blame anyone for feeling off?

All of this leads to kids looking like they have behavior issues, when often it’s just brain fog and exhaustion just like mom and dad do!

Screens for school really don’t help the situation, so what do we do?

There’s a lot we can’t do anything about. It’s time for a new idea.

That’s where we come in!

We’re here to inspire you.

Why do people watch these videos? Why do busy moms and dads take time out of their day to check out what we’re doing in our videos?┬áLast year we had over 3 million views on our videos.

What are they looking for?

They’re watching for HOPE.

They’re watching to hear the stories of parents that have been there before.

We’ve dealt with this first hand growing up with some of these issues, but

we also have gotten to experience so many different kids with the same issues that we had.

We love to be able to bring you fresh HOPE to your situation.

We know it can be challenging, but we’re always so excited to walk with you through whatever you’re going through!

Also, our viewers watch our videos for TIPS.

We love giving tips about what you can do now to help your kiddos at home.

Not only do these tips help your kids, but they help you too.

If we can chill out your kid, regain some of their focus, we can help you find some rhythm and take a second for yourself.

So watch our videos for HOPE and watch for our weekly TIPS to hopefully help your family out.

We love to be available for you!

Let us know if you have any questions!



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