Why Does A Child Keep Getting Sick?

why does a child keep getting sick

Ear infections, sinus infections, digestive problems, cramping, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, delayed growth and development are all symptoms of an immune system that isn’t working properly.  

Maybe you found this blog post because you googled ‘why does my child keep getting sick’. Perhaps your child has been on multiple rounds of antibiotics, maybe tubes in the ears or adenoids removal…and is still getting infections.  

Whatever the reason, you’re in the right place to learn ‘what else is out there’ beyond the conventional, invasive and painful treatment for your child.

So what is the secret to having a healthy immune system?

The immune system is the body’s defense against infection and illness.  And no surprise…the immune system is regulated and controlled by the brain.

The secret to a healthy, happy immune system is for the brain to be able to get sufficient and correct information to and from it.  So the question becomes…

How does the brain get information?

The brain gets information from the sensory system (our senses). The sensory system carries information to and from the brain and body.

The sensory system consists of 7 senses…and we’ll talk about those another time. Just know that the vast majority of the sensory information the brain gets (80%) is from the movement of the spine.

That means health and development of the brain all relies upon the proper function of the spine.

Constant ear infections is a common sign of a struggling immune system in a child.

A problem (called a subluxation) in the neck causes the brain to go into survival mode and ‘lock down’ the muscles of the neck.  The #1 priority of the brain is to protect the spinal cord in the spine, hence the lock down. However, this causes a domino effect blocking the drainage system.

So now, the drainage system is blocked and therefore not able to drain.  When drainage has no way to get out…it causes problems (to put it mildly, right?). Think of what grows in a stagnant pool of water…

What does a pediatric chiropractor do?

The smallest problem in a child’s spine, if untended, will create constant illness.  When a child has constant congestion, a pediatric chiropractor looks for signals in the body that indicate a problem.

The inflammatory and immune responses of the body are regulated by the brain.

If the brain doesn’t get proper input (sensory system) from the spine, it cannot make proper decisions on how to respond.

Therefore, it becomes paramount to make sure that the spine is working properly.

In our office here at Radiant Life, we perform a painless, non-invasive neurological scan along your child’s neck and spine.

This scan will show us 4 important things:

  1. the ability of your child’s brain and body to communicate together,

  2. how their brain can understand what is going on around them,

  3. how that reflects in their being sick and

  4. what we can do or recommend for them.

What does a spine problem look like?

If there is a spine problem in your child, their body does everything it can to create stability. Everything from tightening muscles to hold the joint together better to giving some body systems priority over others.

The brain controls all of your child’s muscles and organs through nerves that pass through the spine. If there is a spine problem then the brain does not have the freedom and ability to work properly.

Many times the tightened muscles in the neck cause infections. With the muscles too tight, a damming of fluid in the ears, nose, and throat system occurs (ears, tonsils, adenoids, sinuses, etc) trapping bacteria and viruses.  The good news? This muscle tightening can be fixed by a series of gentle chiropractic adjustments.

It’s very possible your child’s congestion can be cleared up by a series of simple, gentle adjustments from a trained pediatric chiropractor.  It happens all the time to children just like yours.

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