Why is it that some kids are always, ALWAYS sick?

Why are some kids always sick?

Why is it that some kids are always – always – sick?

Here’s a favorite story we like to tell ourselves.

You’ll recognize it. It’s the one about how our life should turn out. The one where our children are always gloriously happy, never sick, fantastically obedient and we never have to have customer service declare a Code Adam to shut down the store and find our child.

You know, the child who had immediately bolted the moment our head was turned to choose some bananas. That child who, it turns out, was hiding in the rack of Champion sweatpants that we’d walked by four times in our search of the little darling.

That story takes place in a land where we’re allowed to nod in agreement before anything unexpected takes place, before any child gets sick, has a meltdown, or gets a diagnosis.

It’s a beautiful story.

I especially like the part about how the kids never get sick…and we all get plenty of sleep.

Ah well. *sigh*

No matter how many trips to the doctor, antibiotics, steroids, tubes in the ears, adenoid surgery…they’re congested again almost immediately.  You’ve done literally everything you can think of.

So many times as parents we miss that one simple piece. It’s the piece that changes the course of the health of our child’s immune system. It’s simple, critical and key.

That key?

The proper function of the spine.

The spine needs full movement and freedom of the nerves.  If it isn’t able to function properly then it can’t communicate to the organs and systems properly. This creates a disconnect in the brain’s ability to regulate the body properly.

Systems including the sensory system, the immune system, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the circulatory system, the skeletal system, the muscular system…

That means, your child’s brain doesn’t have communication with their immune system. Which means…they keep getting sick.

The neurological scan at our office here at Radiant Life, will tell you how much disconnection your child is struggling with. This shows how hard your child’s brain has to work to try to make their systems work properly.

Then we can tell you what it would take to improve the function of their spine so their body works the way God designed it.

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