Why Is My Child Out Of Control?

Have you ever wondered, “Why is my child out of control?”

Does your child seem too wound up? Unable to focus? Angry? Not developing normally?

Is your baby unable to breastfeed? Constantly crying? Loose and limp? Not relaxed?

Does your child have difficulty moving their head from side to side? Or your baby have difficult tummy time?

You’ve come to the right place to get some answers.

It’s likely your child has something going on with their spine that they need help with. It could be as simple as that causing your child to feel out of control and therefore act out of control.

All of these difficulties are signs that your child’s brain is getting stress signals from the spine.

How does your child’s spine affect their brain? For one thing, their spinal cord is inside the spine. The spinal cord controls every function of your child’s body with direct communication from your child’s brain.

So when the difficulties we’re talking about here with the spine are left too long unattended we may see a child develop sensory, emotional, and other brain related symptoms often involved with autism, ADHD, SPD, seizures, behavior problems and more.

As chiropractors who live in the sensory world (autism, ADHD, seizures, SPD) our number one goal is to help prevent future struggles for you and your family.

Everyday we see families who are frustrated from not finding answers.

Their child is:

-seemingly out of control,

-too wound up,


-not developing normally,


-unable to breastfeed,

-constantly crying.

The spine is responsible for 80% of all of the information the brain receives to make decisions of how to regulate and control the body.

It’s a simple check to make sure everything is in proper working order and make any adjustments your child may need to thrive.

After checking your child’s spine, we would check how the digestive tract is working and how well your child is able to remove toxins from their body. If toxins are trapped, they create dis-ease in the body. I’ll talk about that next.

Right now, let’s check the spine and get calming signals to your child’s brain.

All these areas of behavior are extremely important in determining a child’s health but number one is your child’s brain and nervous system.

Your child is a person and we want nothing more than to help them live the most amazing radiant life possible. Come in today.

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